International Orders - Customs, Duties, Fees

Please be aware that all international parcels may be subject to import taxes, duties, brokerage or customs fees upon delivery, and are the responsibility of the customer. We do not determine these rates and encourage you to check with your local government before ordering to determine what you are likely to owe. We cannot change information on the customs forms such as value or country of origin. We also cannot control or prevent any delays within customs. Sometimes a customs official will request additional information from the receiver, such as a Tax ID or an invoice. Please be ready to provide your order confirmation in such cases, or contact us if there is any documentation you need to clear customs. 

Once a package has entered the destination country, it is likely the package will be held until customs fees are paid. Please track your package to see when your package has arrived at your local post office or distribution center. If a package is left for too long, it will be returned to us. If you refuse duties or fees on your package, or wait too long to pay them, any handling fees charged to our account to retrieve the package will be deducted from your refund. These fees are exceptionally high for UPS and DHL. 

Occasionally, international shipments experience unexpected delays due to weather or other issues such as a global pandemic  If your tracking information has not updated or you have not received your shoes and six weeks have passed, please contact us! 

We cannot reimburse customs fees for returns or exchanges. You may follow the procedure for recouping taxes and duties in the recipient country. If you would like more information regarding customs fees, please contact your local customs office.

Country specific information: 

The links below are for informational purposes only and we cannot guarantee their accuracy.  If you have useful information to share from your country that you think we should add here, please let us know!

Import Duties Calculator - we find this calculator is normally fairly accurate, but we can make no guarantees! Don't forget to include the cost of shipping in your calculation (and contact us if you need to know what that will likely be.)

For international tracking, we have found this website particularly useful: 


  • Postal mail seems to be the best bet for not incurring additional fees. We have stopped shipping UPS to Canada because of high brokerage fees. DHL is not much better, but we still use it if a customer selects that option at checkout. We suggest reading about 'Self Clearing with CBSA' to avoid excessive brokerage fees.  Please contact us if you would like us to ship FedEx or UPS, as we are happy to do so. 


  • 150€ is the duty threshold. However, the EU uses the CIF method of calculation, which means whatever we pay to ship your shoes is included in the total. So let's pretend you order the Corazon for $148, which seems like it would be below the threshold. But perhaps you also chose an expedited shipping method that costs us $49 (regardless of what we charge you.) That puts you over the Duty threshold. So please feel free to ask us if you need the shipping cost to predict your fees. 
  • EU Announcement on additional 25% duty on U.S. Imports - Not sure if this is being enforced currently. 



  • We have been informed by a customer that Italy does not reimburse customs and fees for exchanges and returns. 




  • When a USPS package reaches the UK it is often handed over to ParcelForce. Entering your tracking number on their website may yield more accurate results. When it first arrives, there will be one delivery attempted where the courier will attempt to collect import duties. If no one is available to pay the duties, the package will be taken to customs for holding and a letter will be mailed to that effect. Re-delivery is not attempted until customs charges have been paid. 
  • If you’re charged too much or return your goods, you can ask for a refund of VAT or Customs Duty.  Download and fill in form BOR 286 if Royal Mail or Parcelforce delivered the goods. If a courier or freight company made the delivery, use form C285. There are also paid services that will do this for you quickly and electronically.


  • Shipments that exceed 1000 AUD incur additional import duties and seem to take longer to get through customs. We suggest breaking up a very larger order into smaller orders to expedite delivery.