About Us

During the 1990s, Re-Mix was well known among vintage enthusiasts for its impressive collection of deadstock vintage shoes.  As time passed, finding new deadstock to maintain supply became increasingly difficult, so Re-Mix started visiting shoe factories with some of its most popular vintage styles in tow, seeking a way to preserve classic and elegant styles of another era. In 1998, the first 1940s wedge was reproduced for sale at Re-Mix. 

Today, we work with manufacturers around the world who can attend to each precise detail - making quality shoes like the originals. Re-Mix Footwear, Inc. currently carries over 85 faithful reproductions of classic shoes from the 1910s to the early 1960s.  

Our shoes are popular among swing dancers, vintage lifestyle enthusiasts, film, television, theatrical productions, bridal parties, and stylish folks who love unique, comfortable shoes.