How to Break in your Re-Mix Shoes

The majority of Re-Mix shoes are leather and will stretch and break in to the shape of your foot. Below are some tips to help with this process.  Put on your shoes to walk around the house for short periods.  Wear them with socks during the break-in period to protect your feet and stretch the shoes more quickly. Paper surgical tape or band-aids on hot spots can also help prevent blister during the break-in process.  Moisture and heat are the two things that make leather stretch.  Moisture: Lightly swab the inside of your shoes with rubbing alcohol or a damp cloth....

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How to Care for Your Shoes

Smooth Leather Smooth leather shoes will benefit from leather protection, cleaning and conditioning products, such as waterproofing spray, saddle soap, leather lotion and shoe creams. We encourage customers to try any new product in a small area to ensure it doesn't affect the finish before applying to the whole shoe. With a brightly colored shoe, it's always best to start with the most gentle cleaners and work up to stronger ones. If the color of the shoe begins to come off on the rag you are using, stop and try a different method.  Leather lotion is usually the most gentle...

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Re-Mix FAQ's

Have a topic you'd like to see us cover in our FAQ section? Email info@remixvintageshoes.com with your suggestions and questions. 

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